Where is Fertility Heaven located?

Fertility Heaven is headquartered in Miami Beach, FL at 1000 5th Street, Suite 200, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Contact us today for an appointment.  Our Egg Donors and Surrogates are online and available to clients worldwide.

Where are Fertility Heaven clients located?

We have clients throughout the United States and Internationally.

How many clients does Fertility Heaven have?

We have many Prospective parents who registered for access to our online service to view our Egg Donor and Surrogate Databases.

What is Fertility Heaven refund policy?

Fertility Heaven fees are refundable under certain circumstances. Speak with your match coordinator about the details.

Who verifies Egg Donor or Surrogate profile information??

Your Attorney or Third Party Coordinator can verify background, medical history and education history.

What if my Egg Donor or Surrogate changes her mind?

You may apply your funds to a new egg donor (not an experienced donor) if your Egg Donor or Surrogate decides to change her mind and does not complete her fertility cycle. Fertility Heaven allows this option up to two times.

What if my Egg Donor cycle results are not successful?

Cycle success is a result of many factors including your IVF doctor’s experience, the ability of the embryologist, sperm factors and other issues not related to your Egg Donor. You should consider all these if your cycle is not a success.

What if my cycle coordination has problems?

If you choose Fertility Heaven for cycle coordination, we can assist if your cycle coordination is going poorly and assist with third party coordinators who may be managing your cycle. Intended parents should learn everything about their cycle coordination from their doctor and work closely with all parties to move the process along.

What if am not happy with my IVF clinic?

Most IVF clinics are successful at third party reproduction. If you feel your clinic is not performing as expected, you might want to consider another clinic. Fertility Heaven can provide a list of clinics that our clients have expressed positive results.

Do you offer active veterans an agency discount?

Fertility Heaven is pleased to announce a discount for active duty military personnel.  Please call us at 888-350-1759 for details on the program. Fertility Heaven is proud of our U.S. veterans who risk their lifes everyday fighting for our country, we want to give back in appreciation of their service.

What are Fertility Heaven Terms of Use for the Egg Donor Database I must agree to before using the service?

Fertility Heaven Terms of Use can be located at:


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