Fertility Heaven Surrogate Fees

A gestational surrogate is a woman who carries the fertilized egg to term of the intended mother. The  surrogate is inseminated with sperm from the child’s father. Her own egg is fertilized, and she carries the baby to term on behalf of the patient.

In gestational surrogacy, the baby may be conceived entirely by the intended parents-the biological mother’s egg is fertilized with the biological father’s sperm. The embryo is then placed in the surrogate’s uterus and carried to term.

Fertility Heaven Surrogacy Administration  Fee: $12,000.00

Payment  One:   $2,000 due within one week of reserving Surrogate

Payment Two:    $4,000 due within two weeks of Surrogate beginning the process

Payment Three: $4,000 due upon execution of legal contract between Surrogate and Parent(s)

Please consult with Fertility Heaven about other fees you will have due to factors, such as:

Psychological Evaluations

Medical Fees

Legal Fees

Surrogate Insurance

Incidental Expenses

Monthly Allowance

If you are interested in a surrogate please complete our online questionnaire. We will answer all your questions. Our Surrogacy Match Specialist will call you to start your miraculous journey of having the baby you always wanted. 

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